TOP 10 reasons why Huskers hate Notre Dame
1. Recruiting trips to Las Vegas with Kim Dunbar
2. Pesky ND fans who camp out on Nebraska messageboards
3. No conference affiliation (No sharing bowl loot with the
likes of Baylor and no championship games to spoil a MNC)
4. Boring gold helmets. Slap a decal on there
5. A sweetheart TV deal (They are the N in NBC)
6. Annual games against the military academies
(which is why the draft should be reinstated)
7. Special treatment by the BCS - If ND goes 9-2 they're in
8. The Holier than thou attitude of Domer fans
9. Sell-out Domer fans who allow their stadium
to be overrun by a Sea of Red
10. Stupid names like Knute, Rudy and Ara

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