I casually picked up the latest issue of Esquire today as I was sitting in the local barber shop waiting my turn for a
trim. Now this is a magazine I haven't looked at since 1972 when I sneaked a peak at my Dad's copy in hopes of
seeing a real woman, if you know what I mean. (And this is a barber shop that reminds me of barber shops in
1972 Omaha with lots of manly sports talk and illegal bookmaking in the backroom).

There was an article that interested me titled "162 Reasons It's Good to Be an American Man". Why only 162 I
haven't a clue. Anyway, clocking in at 157 was this: 'The Nebraska Cornhusker. The sine qua non of goofy mascots'.
Sine qua non? Oh, umm, right. I'm thinking that it must translate from Latin to the "goofiest of the goofy".

Having way too much time on my hands this evening I actually looked it up. Sine qua non means
an essential condition or element; an indispensable thing; an absolute prerequisite.

So there you have it Husker fans. Huskers are essential, indispensible and absolute on the college football landscape.
And to think that I initially believed they were making fun of us! At least Herbie never took a dump in the endzone.

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