David Mayo of the Grand Rapids Press omits
the Nebraska Cornhuskers from Preseason Top 25 Poll

Has Dave gone ape?

Here's what yours truly had to say about the obvious omission:
Have you recently taken a blow to the head, Dave?
How can any responsible journalist not include
the Nebraska Cornhuskers in a top 25 poll?
I'm not a gambler, but I'd be willing to wager the
pink slips to our cars that the Huskers will be in
the top 25 come January.
I don't expect them to win it all, but I predict
no worse than 10-2, or maybe 9-3.
Please tell me it's a misprint, Dave. Or that you
were heavily medicated at the time you made up this poll.

And by the way, I'm pretty sure that the Missouri Tiger's
helmet does not include the letters R-U-T-G-E-R-S.

Wally in Rockford

Here is "Delusional Dave's" response:
Husker Wally:

Regarding Rutgers...I don't do the layouts. I was a little surprised
to find Rutgers in my top-25, too. Since you're a gambler, I'd
suspect you could get even longer odds on that than ... Nebraska
losing five games, which I think will happen. Four at least. And one
of them is going to be something unthinkable, like losing to someone
with "Iowa" in its name. Just my opinion.

Thanks for the note. You aren't the only Husker fan I ticked off.
But rest assured, I did it on purpose.


Dave Sticks His Foot In His Mouth Again!
From the 9/25/99 Grand Rapids Press

Huskers heavily favored against team they beat by one
touchdown each of the last two years. Young Missouri offense
has to find a way, which won't be easy, but Huskers
vulnerable during current unrest.
Missouri 24-23

Actual Score: NU 40 MU 10

Wally's 10/9/99 Email after the Iowa State game

Well, that loss to someone with "Iowa" in it's name isn't going to happen
this year. Unless Northern Iowa makes it to the Sugar Bowl. I stand by
my original prediction of no worse than 2 losses.
How about MSU today? Nice win against an over rated Michigan team.
How's that preseason poll working out so far?
Oh, and since we've got pink slips riding on this, what kind of car do
you drive? I hope it isn't an import. And I hope it's red.

Wally in Rockford

Humble Dave's Response

Hey Husker Wally. Why am I not surprised to hear from you?
Your boys are looking strong. Very strong.
By the way, don't I get a little credit for picking
State to win Saturday?
Thanks for the note.

(98 mustang convertible. and no. you can't have it.)

Dave's Prediction on the Texas game:
From the 10/23/99 Grand Rapids Press

Can't pick against the Husker machine. It isn't the
best Nebraska team ever, but experience, talent and
revenge motive make a good combination.
Nebraska 35-20

Wally's response:

OK. Who are you and what have you done with the real David Mayo?
"Canít pick against the Husker machine"?? What happened to the
Nebraska team that doesnít belong in your preseason top 25 and will
lose 5 games? I think I like it better when you give us no respect!
We lost a game today because you were throwing off the weight
distribution on the Husker bandwagon.

Nebraska lost. But MY preseason prediction will still happen.
What happened to those Blue and Green teams today??

Wally in Rockford

Dave responds:

Ahhhhh, Husker Wally.
I think I'll pick the Huskers and say something nice about them the rest of the way.
Then I'll drag out that old column with the five losses.
Sorry for the party pooping. That's for not inviting me.

Dave predicts Cotton for Huskers
From the 11/13/99 GR Press

(Big 12 no. 2 vs. SEC No. 3-5)
Nebraska vs. Alabama - A classic matchup between traditional powers.

Uh, no Dave. The Huskers won't be in Dallas January 1.

A Final Volley

Hmmmmm. I'm just sitting here pondering how a preseason prediction
could have been so misguided. And I do not write with 20-20 hindsight,
because my predictions are well documented.

I guess you missed by a bit on the Cornhuskers this year. A TOP 25 team? YEP.
TOP 10? YEP. TOP 5? YEP. TOP 2? YEP. #1? Sooooo close. But Nebraska was
conspicuously absent in David Mayo's Preseason Top 25 Poll.
(But he did it on purpose to tick off the Husker fans).

The Cornhuskers exceded my expectations, but you didn't even allow them the
respect they've earned. Granted, your readers are predominantly BIG 10+1 fans
who haven't won an undisputed Mythical National Championship since 1968.
But to ignore reality is a disservice to college football fans in Michigan.
I'm looking forward to the retraction in the Grand Rapids Press. Please let
me know when it will run so I can pick up a few extra copies.
Wally in Rockford

There was no response from Humbled Dave.
He must be busy writing next year's Top 25, with a mouthful of crow.

Nebraska fans are used to anti-Husker bias from sports writers. But it's
sad that some of those biased votes actually count in the A.P. writers poll.
The really funny thing is that Mayo picked Colorado #2 in his preseason poll!
Colorado was unranked in the final poll in 1999 and finished the season 7-5.

Not to worry, though. The Cornhuskers will do their talking on the field.
Just ask David Mayo. Or don't, if you're looking for an informed opinion.

Dave has decided not to return my emails anymore. Too bad. I was his only reader.

Email David Mayo to let him know what you think!

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