Wally's official pre-preseason college football rankings

One of the first preseason rankings is out for the 2002 college football season. This, of course, is just one of many meaningless polls that are yet to come. JHowell's 2002 power rankings  has Nebraska ranked at #2. This may be a tad bit optimistic but every team is undefeated before the season begins. Or here's a hack at CBS Sportsline offering another opinion.

Some rankings use computers, some use coach's votes and others use the opinions of media hacks. And then there are the rankings that rely on the hunches of ordinary football fans, like moi (that means ME for those of you who skipped high school french class or have never heard of Miss Piggy). All of this is a not so clever segue into Wally's Official 2002 Preseason College Football Rankings. Yes, that's right football fans. The waiting is over because it is finally here!

Here we go with the Top 10 rankings in no particular order and subject to change on a moment's notice. Drumroll please!

10. Florida State. Back with a vengence after a disappointing season in 2001.
9.   Washington. Skippy Neuweasel could recruit an eagle scout to play cricket for the Taliban.
8.   Colorado. Lots of talent returns, but payback in Lincoln will be brutal.
7.   Nebraska. A rebuilding year for NU but an exciting one with loads of young talent. Ho hum, only 11 wins. Look out for 2003!
6.   LSU. Tennessee is not on the schedule, but they get Florida in the swamp.
5.   Florida. A new coach but tons of talent. Visor boy will be missed.
4.   Tennessee. Phat Phil just reloads. Coach Fulmer recruits with a forked silver tongue.
3.   Oklahoma. Can the Stoops boys find some offense? Will Oklahoma State beat the Sooners again in the next decade? Yes and no.
2.   Texas. Surely even Mack Brown can win something besides a recruiting championship with all that talent. Hmmm. The road to the MNC goes through Lincoln for the Longhorns.
1.   Miami. They're number one until somebody beats them.

Oregon did not make the list mainly because their uniforms really, really suck. Michigan did not make the list because, well, they're Michigan and the Big Tenleven is a shadow of its former self. Kansas State and Virginia Tech didn't make the list because they're hillbillies and it's my list.

And there you have it guys and gals. What's your preseason top 10?

Wally 4/29/02

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