Colorado Coach cries for the end of the BCS

"I think you've got to look at a couple things," Gary Barnett whined between sobs. "One is we
beat five ranked teams, only Florida did as such. Miami beat four and everyone else, Nebraska
included, only beat two ranked teams throughout the whole season. I think one of the reasons the
BCS take its polls as late as it does is because it's supposed to take into consideration the way you
are playing at that point in the season and on through." Sob, sniff, sniff. "It's hard to be gracious
at this moment. I think I put a lot of trust in the system working, and it did work," Barnett sobbed.

"It just didn't work in our favor. I probably should have lobbied a little bit for it."

Uh, Coach. The BCS takes its' polls as late as they do because that's when the season is over. Deal
with it and stop your incessant whining. Oregon has cause to complain, CU does not. One loss is
better than two. You received a 2.3 point reduction for the quality wins and received recognition for
your strength of schedule. The fact is that all of that couldn't overcome a loss to Fresno State. The BCS
takes into consideration how you play over the entire course of a season, not at any one point in time.
Don't beat yourself up, Coach. You lobbied like a government contractor. It just wasn't meant to be.

Maybe if CU fans had just whined a bit louder than their blubbering coach, if that is possible, the BCS
would have changed it's mind and sent the Buffaloes to Pasadena. It worked on the coaches and media
voters, after all. But the objective components of the BCS formula couldn't be swayed by blatant political
lobbying, so it must be time to tweak the BCS formula again. Or maybe it's time to just scrap the whole
danged thing and institute a playoff. We'll see you in 2007, Mr. Playoff. Until then, cry us a little river
Coach Barnett. The Nebraska Cornhuskers did not invent the BCS system. They just played by the rules.

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