The Bludgeoning in Boulder

In all my years as a Cornhusker fan, decades actually, this was one of the most disappointing
losses I have ever had the misfortune to witness. Right up there with the Orange bowl defeat
against Miami after the 1983 season. But even that game had positives to draw from. Osborne
going for two was a gutsy move that won Nebraska a legion of new fans. It reinforced the
essence of what Nebraska Football is about. We didn't go there to tie, afterall. We went to win.

But the "Bludgeoning in Boulder" was hard to swallow. Colorado played their hearts out
and for that I give them much deserved credit. You simply cannot go into Boulder and
turn the ball over four times and expect to win. Even with the defensive lapses we still had
chances to come back and make a game of it. Colorado simply wanted it more. And it showed.

Nebraska fans have had their hearts ripped out before. We can't win every game but we do
win most of them. Honestly, who here among us expected an undefeated season and a
national championship before this season began? Anyone? I sure as heck didn't. I was
thinking that we'd probably have 2 losses, as were many of the Husker faithful. So 12-1
and a finish in the top 10 sounds pretty good right now, if put into the proper perspective.

This team is special and they deserve our support. They've earned our support and that
includes the coaching staff. Unlike some other programs that I won't mention, there are
no bandwagon fans at Nebraska because the real fans would have kicked their sorry @sses
off the wagon before it even started rolling. There isn't any fair weather in Nebraska.

This has been a really fun season to watch the Cornhuskers develop from question marks
into a very good football team. They can beat any team in the country on any given day.
Yesterday just wasn't that day. They are a better team than the one that showed up in
Boulder and they would probably beat Colorado 7 out of 10 times on a neutral field. JMO.

So what now? We'll do the same things we've always done. Recover, regroup and reload. And be
thankful that we have the freedom to piss and moan about something as trivial as a football game.

I was debating about which game I'd be coming home to see next season but now it's a no-brainer.
11-29-2002 is circled in red on my calendar. I will be in Lincoln to cheer on the Cornhuskers over CU.

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