Cornhusker gameday rituals

Iíd like to hear from other Husker fans about their Nebraska Football gameday rituals, mainly so that
I can prove to Mrs. Wally that Iím a rational human being. No, really. The lucky folks who live in
Lincoln have their tailgate stories, but Iíd like to hear from the fans who listen to the games in the
garage on their car radio or who fell off a roof adjusting the TV antenna. Or the Husker fanatics who
were caught splicing into a neighborís cable connection in order to get the Nebraska football game.

These are my people

Here in the Wally household we respecfully refer to Nebraska gamedays as the "Husker Sabbath".
Are you getting married or buried on the Husker Sabbath? Sorry, Wally has a previous engagement.

The day begins with the alarm clock blaring "Thereís No Place Like Nebraska." I'm not kidding. The clock
was a gift from my mother-in-law. I liked it until I learned that my brother-in-law got an autographed
Bob Devaney replica clock, which says a whole lot about my status in the family.

We rise and shine and I excuse myself for the morning constitutional. The throne room is adorned with a
plaque displaying an authentic piece of Tom Osborne Field Memorial Stadium Turf. When I obtained this
piece of Cornhusker memorabilia it was proudly displayed in the family room. Now it is in the bathroom.
It has slowly become clear to me that Mrs. Wally just does not fully appreciate Big Red football.

I slip into my Blackshirts t-shirt, the one with the skull and crossbones that says "Bad to the bone."
Mrs. Wally rolls her eyes and tells me that I look like a guest on the Jerry Springer show. Iím feeling
really good about myself now as I head out front to raise the Nebraska flag. In a solemn ceremony,
I will unfurl the Big Red flag and say a little prayer in honor of the Bobfather, may he rest in peace.

The pregame ritual has begun. Everyone in the family knows not to call us on the Husker Sabbath
because they know we are too busy. Iím online listening to the pregame hype, downloading depth
charts, and chatting with my Husker buddies. Call at halftime if you have to speak with us, but it
better well be an emergency. The ceremonial pot of chili is on the stove and the sacred Cornhusker
Queso cheese dip is warming up in the crockpot (the one that is adorned with the Big Red "N").

Go to Wally's kitchen for the recipe.

It's finally game time. And if the planets are aligned correctly we'll actually be able to pick it up on the
dish. I love technology. It sure beats trying to locate a broadcast on the car radio. The game begins
as I shoo the little ones out of the room because they are making way too much noise. And besides,
they need to be out in the garage or on the roof with a transister radio paying their Cornhusker dues!

"This is Nebraska Football and it is the Husker Sabbath. Show a little respect!" Sheesh, kids these days.

The kids return, properly schooled, ready for some Husker Football. Tee it up and let the game begin.

Children of the corn

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