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The 2004 Cornhuskers finished 5-6. Better luck next season. GO BIG RED!

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The 2004 Cornhuskers
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Date Opponent Result
09/04Western IllinoisW 56-17
09/11Southern MississippiL 17-21
09/18@ PittsburghW 24-17
10/02KansasW 14-8
10/09@ Texas TechL 10-70
10/16BaylorW 59-27
10/23@ Kansas StateL 21-45
10/30MissouriW 24-3
11/06@ Iowa StateL 27-34
11/13@ Oklahoma L 3-30
11/26ColoradoL 20-26

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 35 Western Illinois 10
Actual score: Nebraska 56 Western Illinois 17

Sept 4th in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Western Illinois 0 3 14 0 17
Nebraska 14 28 7 7 56

Wally's fearless prediction:
This is one of the most anticipated openers in recent memory as the Callahan era finally
begins after a dramatic off-season. The Leathernecks are a D1-AA powerhouse that will
fund their entire athletic department with a $350,000 payday in Lincoln. They have the
talent to hang with just about any team but they don't have the depth to do it for more than
a quarter or two. This should be fun to watch as Nebraska rediscovers the forward pass.

Series history: Nebraska has never played WIU
WIU's record in 2003: 9-4

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The Callahan era at Nebraska has officially begun and the Husker faithful were not
disappointed. These sore eyes were happy to see the offense mix it up and offer
something that wasn’t so predictable that fans in the stands could call out the plays
beforehand. Not surprisingly, WIU was outgunned and outmanned. We shall see what this
offense can do against quality Big 12 opposition. This Husker defense doesn’t worry me at all.
One thing is for certain: The players on special teams will be getting an earful on Sunday.

Prediction: This team will exceed most experts' predictions but not Husker fans' expectations.

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Golden Eagles
Wally's prediction: Nebraska 48 Southern Mississippi 10
Actual score: Nebraska 17 Southern Mississippi 21

Sept 11th in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Southern Mississippi 6 3 6 6 21
Nebraska 0 3 14 0 17

Wally's fearless prediction:
The Golden Eagles' offense will struggle against the Blackshirts. Nebraska's special
teams play is still a concern but look for a much better effort against Southern Miss.
Joe Dailey had a good first half against WIU but must eliminate mistakes against what
will be a much speedier defense. Look for more short passes and better decision making.

Series history: Nebraska leads 2-0
Last game: NU won 38-14 in Lincoln in 2003
USM's record in 2003: 9-4

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
This was a tough one to swallow but take a look at the stats. Nebraska gave this game
away. You cannot give up 18 points off of turnovers and expect to win a game against
any team. Those mistakes can be corrected but the talent is here with more on the way.
Joe Dailey played like a sophomore and fans need to be patient with WCO growing pains.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 28 Pittsburgh 10
Actual score: Nebraska 24 Pittsburgh 17

Sept 18th in Pittsburgh 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 10 14 0 0 24
Pittsburgh 7 3 0 7 17

Wally's fearless prediction:
I like Nebraska's chances in this game much more that the bookmakers apparently do.
Pittsburgh is a very young and inexperienced team that only managed 217 yards in total
offense against Ohio University. If I were a betting man I'd give the four and bet the farm.

Series history: Nebraska is 4-15-3 against Pitt
Last game: NU won 14-6 in Lincoln in 1958
Pitts's record in 2003: 8-5

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Joe Dailey played with much more poise today and the Blackshirts brought the house.
Blunders by the special teams marred what was otherwise a pretty solid effort by Nebraska.
In the first half, that is. What should have been a complete blowout turned into a nailbiter.
The turf was coming up in clumps as the Huskers slip-slided their way to a close win
that should not have been nearly as close as it was. The Big 12 will not be as forgiving.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 35 Kansas 14
Actual score: Nebraska 14 Kansas 8

Oct 2nd in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Kansas 2 3 3 0 8
Nebraska 0 7 7 0 14

Wally's fearless prediction:
Kansas simply does not have the offense to hang with Nebraska. The beakers mustered a
pathetic 86 yards rushing against Texas Tech, a team that cannot even spell defense let
alone protect an endzone. NU will win this game handily to continue their winning streak.

Series history: Nebraska leads Kansas 83-16-3
Last Game: 2003 Nebraska won in Lawrence 24-3
Last KU win against Nebraska: 1968
Kansas' record in 2003: 6-7

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
This just may go down as the ugliest game in Cornhusker history. I've seen more scoring
at a hockey game, or at the high school prom for that matter. The west coast offense can
score points in bunches but you cannot win the Kentucky Derby running donkeys. Patience
will be required until Bill Callahan can bring in the horses to run his sophisticated offense.
The Blackshirts saved the day once again but there is a danger of dipping into the well too often.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 28 Texas Tech 21
Actual score: Nebraska 10 Texas Tech 70

Oct 9th in Lubbock 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 0 3 7 0 10
Texas Tech 7 14 21 28 70

Wally's fearless prediction:
Buckle up because it is going to be a wild ride in Lubbock! Dailey will
likely throw his share of interceptions but count on the Blackshirts to grab
their share as well. Nebraska's defense won't stop the potent Tech offense
but they'll need to slow it down a bit to give NU a chance. This is the stiffest
test of the young football season and the Huskers will rise to the occasion.

Series history: Nebraska is 7-0 against Texas Tech
Last game: 2001 NU won 41-31 in Lincoln
Texas Tech's record in 2003: 8-5

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Nebraska fans, please meet me for a group therapy session at
It's going to be a loooong season so get a cup of java and light 'em if you got 'em.
Some of you may be going through withdrawal right now so excuse the rest of us while we
laugh as you gouge your eyes out. Get over yourselves already. Nebraska has yet to
put together a complete game this season and maybe they won't but I will be there when
they do. Meanwhile, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Anyone who doesn't have the stomach
for it just may want to sit out the transition during the next year or so. We'll save a
seat on the bandwagon for you. Fans of other programs are getting in digs while they can
for all the severe beatings their teams have sufferred at the hands of Nebraska over the
years. Nebraska will be back sooner rather than later and that is what they are all afraid of.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 35 Baylor 14
Actual score: Nebraska 59 Baylor 27

Oct 16th in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Baylor 3 0 21 3 27
Nebraska 7 24 7 21 59

Wally's fearless prediction:
Baylor is just what the doctor ordered for the ailing Cornhuskers.
Nebraska needs to regroup and put the debacle in Lubbock behind
them. They still have a chance to win the Big 12 North division.

Series history: Nebraska is 7-1 against Baylor
Last game: NU won 48-7 in 2001
Baylor's record in 2003: 3-9

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Joe Dailey and the Nebraska offense got back on track as the Huskers cruised
to a wound-healing win. The most amazing statistic of the game for Nebraska
is the number of turnovers committed: ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. Not surprisingly, the
result is much more enjoyable when the Cornhuskers don't commit seven turnovers.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 24 Kansas State 21
Actual score: Nebraska 21 Kansas State 45

Oct 23rd in Manhattan 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 7 7 7 0 21
Kansas State 14 10 7 14 45

Wally's fearless prediction:
Rodney Dangerfield got more respect than Nebraska's Blackshirts are getting these days.
"Coach Cosgrove made me join a bridge club. I jump off next saturday." Ba da boom.
Nebraska needs to bring their best game to have a prayer in Manhattan, despite the fact
that Kansas State isn't a very good team. In case you haven't noticed, neither is Nebraska.
This is a huge road game for the Cornhuskers and one they need to win to salvage the season.

Series history: Nebraska is 71-14-3 against Kansas State
Last game: KSU won 38-9 in 2003
Kansas State's record in 2003: 11-4

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
LeKevin Smith may want to forget the smack talk next time and just shut up and play.
The "big stick" they were going to take to Manhattan must have been left on the team bus
because KSU rolled over the Blackshirts. And then the turnovers appeared again in the second half.
Maybe Cosgrove should have yelled at Bill Snyder after the game for running up the score.
On a positive note, not one NU player referred to Bill Snyder as their daddy. Not a single one!

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 28 Missouri 21
Actual score: Nebraska 28 Missouri 3

Oct 30th in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Missouri 0 3 0 0 3
Nebraska 3 7 7 7 24

Wally's fearless prediction:
The bizarre thing is that Nebraska is still #1 in the north and controls their own destiny.
A revenge win against Missouri in the comfy confines of Memorial Stadium puts NU back on track.

Series history: Nebraska is 56-30-3 against Missouri
Last game: Missouri won 41-24 in 2003
Missouri's record in 2003: 8-5

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Oh, boy. Did we need that one. This was a must win game and the Blackshirts responded
by shutting down Brad Smith & Company. I am so proud of the Blackshirts for bouncing back
and playing with fire and heart. That was fun to watch. Coz was confident when he spoke about
the Blackshirt defense this week, almost winking at us but stopping short of a guaranteed win.
The Nebraska defense showed up ready to play and it was nice to see.

Special teams defense was the obvious difference in the game today. They played lights out,
balls-a-flaming Nebraska football. The offensive production was, well, offensive.
1 of 15 on 3rd down conversions? 4 of 18 for 26 yards passing? 285 yards of total offense
with 86 of those yards coming on one run by Cory Ross? Giving the Missouri defense the
respect they are due, I still have to rub my chin and mumble "WTF?" Why hasn't Dailey
progressed in this offense and why haven't the coaches adjusted to match the skills of the players?

On a much more positive note: Kudos to Brandon Koch on a great day punting!
That poor guy will be icing down his sore leg all weekend long.

A win is a win for sure, and this was a huge one, but this team needs to build on it
and move forward. NU controls their destiny but must take it one game at a time.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 28 Iowa State 14
Actual score: Nebraska 27 Iowa State 34

Nov 6th in Ames 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 0 7 7 13 27
Iowa State 10 14 10 0 34

Wally's fearless prediction:
Everybody gets up for Nebraska and this trip to Ames will be no different. ISU barely
squeaked out a win over Baylor. Jack Trice is always a tough place to play at with the
swirling winds, rain, snow, hail, tornados, etc. but the Cyclowns are no match for Nebraska.

Series history: Nebraska is 81-15-2 against Iowa State
Last game: Nebraska won 28-0 in 2003
Iowa State's record in 2003: 2-10

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
I just don't understand why Callahan insists on passing the ball when Joe Dailey continues to
overthrow his receivers by 10 yards. RUN THE FREAKING BALL! This was a must win and
Nebraska got out-hustled and out-coached. It's first and goal from the 9 and Nebraska comes
up empty and then allows Iowa State to score a touchdown right before halftime. Breakdowns
on offense, defense and particularly on special teams mean a loss. Next week could get even uglier.
What happened to the philosophy of taking what the defense gives you? Passing 43 times was inexcusable.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 14 Oklahoma 49
Actual score: Nebraska 3 Oklahoma 30

Nov 13th in Norman 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 0 0 0 3 3
Oklahoma 3 20 7 0 30

Wally's fearless prediction:
Remember in 1997 when Nebraska hung 69 points on the Sooners? What goes around comes around.
Oklahoma can pretty much name the score given the current sorry state of the Blackshirts.

Series history: Nebraska is 37-40-3 against Oklahoma
Last game: Nebraska won 20-10 in 2001
Oklahoma's record in 2003: 12-2

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The Huskers needed to play flawlessly to keep this game semi respectable. They didn't
and it wasn't. Nothing really surprising here. The lone bright spot was the gutty play
of Cory Ross. He showed true heart tonight. It's time to regroup and get ready for Colorado.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 24 Colorado 21
Actual score: Nebraska 20 Colorado 26

Nov 26th in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Colorado 10 10 6 0 26
Nebraska 0 7 0 13 20

Wally's fearless prediction:
It is gut check time for the Nebraska Cornhuskers: a must win game in an
otherwise throw-away season. A chance to extend a streak of winning regular
seasons, to extend the bowl streak to an incredible 36 years, to send the
seniors off as winners after a difficult three year stretch and to set the table
for the 2005 campaign. The fact that the game is being played in Lincoln
against Gary “Petty Cash” Barnett and his reviled Buffaloes, on National
television, only adds to the drama. Nebraska's recruiting class is shaping up
to be one of the best in recent history but the Husker Nation wants it NOW.

Bill Callahan needs this game more than I think he realizes. A win would go a long
way toward soothing the frenzied red hoard that is amassing at the castle gates.
Nebraska will rise to the occasion and win what is traditionally a nailbiter of a game.

Series history: Nebraska is 43-16-2 against Colorado
Last game: Nebraska won 31-22 in 2003
Colorado's record in 2003: 5-7

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Nebraska is home for the holidays and the winter of Husker discontent has officially
begun. This team definitely underachieved this season which was hard to watch. Outside
of Barrett Ruud's inspired play there wasn't much to get excited about. Circle February
2nd on the calendar as Nebraska brings in the foundation for the next Husker dynasty.

This season was such a huge disappointment. Games that should have been won were
given away to inferior opponents. There was something seriously lacking this year and
it's hard to put a finger on it. People point to a lack of talent and while that is true, this
'talentless team' managed to go 10-3 in 2003 with most of the same personnel. There
were deeper issues than a lack of talent plaguing the 2004 edition of the Cornhuskers.

Did the players quit? Did they lack heart & desire? With a few exceptions I do believe that
to be the case. This team had no chemistry or unity whatsoever. There was no focus or execution.

Can this be blamed on coaching? Sure, there is plenty of blame to go around but where
were the leaders on this team? The seniors have been through a very rough four years so
maybe this letdown was inevitable but it was sad to watch this team just go through the
motions, with no emotion.

Callahan got a free pass this year but future expectations are huge and the spotlight is white-hot.

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Another season of Nebraska football has come and gone.
Seasons like this one put the championship years in proper perspective.

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