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The 2006 Nebraska Cornhuskers finished at 9-5. See you next season! GO BIG RED!

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The 2006 Cornhuskers
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Date Opponent Result
09/02Louisiana TechW 49-10
09/09Nicholls StateW 56-7
09/16 @ USC L 10-28
09/23Troy University W 56-0
09/30Kansas W 39-32
10/07@ Iowa StateW 28-14
10/14@ Kansas StateW 21-3
10/21Texas L 22-20
10/28@ Oklahoma State L 29-41
11/04MissouriW 34-20
11/11@ Texas A&MW 28-27
11/24ColoradoW 37-14
12/2Big 12 CCG: Oklahoma L 7-21
1/1Auburn in the Cotton Bowl L 17-14

2006 Preseason Prognostications
There seems to be a lot of bold talk and high expectations in
Husker Nation about Nebraska's upcoming season. There's no
doubt they will be improved but Callahan will need to continue
to bridge the talent gap before Nebraska goes BCS bowling consistently.
Callahan's third year with the WCO and a healthy Zac Taylor
should silence the doubters. Well, probably not. I expect no
less than nine wins and a Big 12 North Championship trophy.

Sep 2 vs Louisiana Tech
La. Tech held Kansas to fewer points in their 2005 game than
Nebraska did. {GULP!} This game will be close until the 2nd half
but the Huskers will send the Bull Dogs on their way back to
Louisiana with great memories, a nice paycheck and a loss.

Sep 9 vs Nicholls State
D1-AA cannon fodder. I know, I know. It pays the bills. NEXT!

Sep 16 at USC
This will be an early season test to see just how far this
Husker team has come. Too much talent on the road spells a
probable loss, but don't be shocked when Nebraska pulls off an upset.

Sep 23 vs Troy
I love this team because they will play anyone, anywhere.
They came from humble beginnings and joined the Sun Belt Conference.
I will root for them in every game this season except for this one.

Sep 30 vs Kansas
Revenge! I want blood for the 2005 Kansas Massacre! I had
finally gotten over the 1968 loss to KU when the 2005 debacle happened.
It is time for Nebraska to put things back in their rightful place.

Oct 7 at Iowa State
Iowa State will be a better team in 2006 but it may not be
reflected in their record due to a brutal schedule. This is
another date on the Husker payback tour and the road has been rough
for NU. ISUís young defense should pave the way for a Husker victory.

Oct 14 at Kansas State
KSU will be lucky to win more than one game in the north this season.
This one will not be it. Huskers send the KSU fans tumbling off the bandwagon.

Oct 21 vs Texas
Texas lost several key players but they simply reload. That the game
is in Lincoln is the only reason I think Nebraska has a chance to win.

Oct 28 at Oklahoma State
OSU is back to being OSU. They might win one conference game only
because Baylor is on their schedule. Even that is no sure thing.

Nov 4 vs Missouri (Homecoming)
This is yet another date on the Husker payback tour. Mizzou
will be counting on their sophomore QB to light the way but
the Nebraska defense will cause a BLACKOUT for Pinkel and the Tigers.

Nov 11 at Texas A&M
College Station is always a tough place to play with their 12th men
slobbering all over their dates when Texas A&M finally scores.
Sorry, Aggie. There will be no scoring before, during or after this game.

Nov 24 vs Colorado
A new coach, a new QB, and no bowl game for the CU Buffies.
Hawkins is a good coach but it will take some time to clean up
the mess in Boulder. Sadly, nobody there will even take notice.

Dec 2 Big 12 CCG in Kansas City
Nebraska will meet the winner of the Red River Shootout
between Texas and Oklahoma. I think it will be Texas.
All bets are off if the OU hillbillies make it to Kansas City.

Bull Dogs
Wally's prediction: Nebraska 42 Louisiana Tech 14
Actual score: Nebraska 49 Louisiana Tech 10

Sept 2 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Louisiana Tech 0 10 0 0 10
Nebraska 7 14 7 21 49

Wally's fearless prediction:
Terry Bradshaw's alma mater comes to Lincoln for the much anticipated opener in
Callahan's third year. The Bulldogs are no match for Nebraska and won't come close
to the 590 passing yards they put up the last time these two teams met. La. Tech
breaks in a new QB this season and the Blackshirts will give him a baptism of fire.

Series history: Nebraska leads 1-0
Last game: 8/29/98, NU won 56-27 in the Eddie Robinson Classic
Louisiana Tech's record in 2005: 7-4

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The Huskers got off to a slow start but finished with the predictable outcome. Those that
are not used to 'passin' better get used to it, but the Huskers also showed they can run
the ball with all four RBs getting the call. Seeing Matt Herian back playing and
scoring touchdowns was long overdue, and it was also great to see Joey Ganz on the
field. Callahan finally has the talent to run his offense and he's going to use them all.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 42 Nicholls State 10
Actual score: Nebraska 56 Nicholls State 7

Sept 9 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Nicholls State 0 0 0 7 7
Nebraska 14 14 14 14 56

Wally's fearless prediction:
The Huskers face a second team from Louisiana as Nicholls State brings their triple-
option attack to Lincoln. The Colonels have a potent ground game but threw the ball all
of four times in their opening victory against Southern Arkansas. This will be another
tuneup for the Southern Cal game and a chance to let more second and third teamers play.

Series history: The teams have never met
Last game: N/A
Nicholls State's record in 2005: 6-4

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The Huskers took care of business and sent the Colonels packing with a loss and a fat wallet.
Zac Taylor was nearly perfect and Marlon Lucky rushed for 103 yards as Nebraska rolled over
yet another overmatched opponent. The preseason is over so let the real games begin!

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 35 Southern Cal 31
Actual score: Nebraska 10 Southern Cal 28

Sept 16 in Los Angeles 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 3 0 0 7 10
USC 7 7 7 7 28

Wally's fearless prediction:
Nebraska hits the road for a much anticipated game against USC. They will need to play
nearly flawless football and not turn the ball over to have a chance to win this first
road game. USC's domination over the past four years has ignited a fan base that probably
wasn't even aware, or alive, to witness their dismal performance over the past two decades.
Their bandwagon is now full and hopefully the Huskers can follow UT and knock them off track.

Series history: Nebraska is 0-1-1 against USC
Last game: Tied 21-21 in 1970
USC's record in 2005: 12-1

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The Huskers declared that this game was a measuring stick for how far they have come and
how far they have to go. They got the answer. There is much more work to be done. USC
clearly was the better team but the Huskers still managed to hang around. Penalties and
turnovers are not something you can commit against a quality team like USC and expect to win.
Wanting to establish the run is a fine goal but I don't understand the one-dimensional game plan.
Throw the dang ball. Playing to win and playing not to lose are two entirely different concepts.

A few more comments and observations:
* Nebraska has improved their team speed but USC is fast
* The punter having more passing yards at halftime than the QB is not a good thing.
* Corey McKeon is a beast. Gotta love that guy.
* The Cornhuskers desperately need defensive backs.
* I was very proud of the effort by Nebraska but they were simply overmatched.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 49 Troy 14
Actual score: Nebraska 56 Troy 0

Sept 23 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Troy University 0 0 0 0 0
Nebraska 14 14 14 14 56

Wally's fearless prediction:
The Troy Trojans gave Florida State all they could handle before losing 24-17. This game
won't be nearly that close as the Huskers look to rebound from a disappointing trip to the
west coast. Troy is no cupcake but Nebraska will be looking to make a statement.

Series history: Nebraska is 3-0 over Troy
Last game: 2003 - Nebraska won 30-0 in Lincoln
Troy's record in 2005: 4-7

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Nebraska wanted to make a statement tonight and they certainly did that. Zac Taylor was
nearly flawless and Marlon Lucky had his coming out party with 3 touchdowns as the Huskers
dominated the other Trojans. Nebraska simply wore out Troy, just like they used to do
in the good old days. Nearly 600 yards of total offense and a defensive shutout by the
Blackshirts is just what the doctor ordered as the Huskers head into conference play.

A few more comments and observations:
* I'd take Zac Taylor over ND's Brady Quinn in a heartbeat.
* Cody Glenn's picture was spotted on a milk carton.
* Maybe Troy was looking past Nebraska to UAB?

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 45 Kansas 7
Actual score: Nebraska 39 Kansas 32

Sept 30 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 OT F
Kansas 0 10 9 13 0 32
Nebraska 17 7 0 8 7 39

Wally's fearless prediction:
Nebraska will start another 36 year winning streak against the Jayhawks on saturday.
Mark it down. Kansas may be a factor in the Big 12 in about 2042 but it will not happen this
year. I pegged this game as a win but now I wonder if the Jayhawks will even score after
their offensive struggles against the mighty Bulls of South Florida.

Series history: Nebraska is 84-17-3 against Kansas
Last game: 2005 - Kansas won 40-15 in Lawrence
Kansas record in 2005: 7-5

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
My heart cannot take many more games like this. The Huskers got off to a fast start but
allowed the Jayhawks to hang around way too long for comfort. Fumblitis set in, the
defense got lazy and the Huskers just about handed this game to Kansas. The inability to
run the ball is troubling since Nebraska will face much better defensive fronts than KU.
NU was able to make the big play when it counted and that was the difference in this game.

A few more comments and observations:
* It's a good thing Barmann's best receiver was Andrew Shanle
* Is Kansas this good or Nebraska that bad? Many questions to be answered.
* Turnovers were the deciding factor in this game (Isn't that usually the case?)
* Boy do the Huskers miss Zack Bowman. The defensive backfield is a glaring weakness
* Mangino did a good job exploiting our weaknesses and NU was very lucky to win this game

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 31 Iowa State 14
Actual score: Nebraska 28 Iowa State 14

October 7 in Ames 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 7 14 0 7 28
Iowa State 0 7 0 7 14

Wally's fearless prediction:
The Big 12 North is up for grabs as the Cornhuskers head into hostile territory.
Iowa State is coming off a 28-27 squeaker against D1-AA Northern Iowa and Nebraska
is trying to shake off their second half collapse against KU. Anything can happen,
but the Huskers will get it done on the road in Ames to take command of the north.

Series history: Nebraska is 82-16-2 against Iowa State
Last game: 2005 - Nebraska won 27-20 in overtime
Iowa State's record in 2005: 7-5

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The Blackshirts regained their mojo as the Huskers won in Ames for just the first time
in three tries. Cody Glenn was a human bulldozer as he ground out yards and the clock in
his breakout game as a Cornhusker. Give the offensive line credit for allowing Glenn to
rush for 148 yards. NU takes control of their destiny in the North with a big win on the road.

A few more comments and observations:
* Great defensive effort. Maybe Coz was right after all ;)
* Cyclown fans demanding the firing of Dan McCarney make me laugh
* Zac Taylor will play on Sundays
* Throw away the depth chart. The best RB for the situation will get the call

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 42 Kansas State 17
Actual score: Nebraska 21 Kansas State 3

Oct 14 in Manhattan 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 7 7 7 0 21
Kansas State 0 0 3 0 3

Wally's fearless prediction:
It has been ten years since Nebraska last won in Manhattan but that is about to change.
This kitty offense has struggled and they are in for a very long night against the
Blackshirt defensive front. Prima donna freshman QB Josh Freeman will learn the hard way
that Nebraska is not Okie State. Callahan and Coz will chalk up another road victory.

Series history: Nebraska is 72-15-3 against Kansas State
Last game: 2005 - Nebraska won 27-25 in Lincoln
Kansas State's record in 2005: 5-6

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Nebraska started strong again this week, scoring a touchdown on the first drive with a
fake field goal. The Blackshirts shut down the Kansas State offense but didn't hit Josh Freeman
nearly hard enough for my liking. The offense got a bit too conservative in the second half
when Callahan should have gone in for the kill but a conference win on the road is always sweet.
The Husker Blackshirts made sure that win #800 for the Nebraska program was never in doubt.

A few more comments and observations:
* Josh Freeman is a good QB who just isn't ready for primetime yet
* Paying $30 for PPV is worth not having to listen to Jim Rose
* Since when did they start putting .02 seconds on the clock?
* Sophomore walk-on holder Jake Wesch had more TD passes than Josh Freeman
* Other than that fake punt play, KSU had -16 yards rushing.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 28 Texas 27
Actual score: Nebraska 20 Texas 22

Oct 21 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Texas 3 13 0 6 22
Nebraska 7 0 0 13 20

Wally's fearless prediction:
Improvements on defense and in the running game give the Huskers a shot at knocking
off the burnt orange bullies. Callahan will need to open up the playbook and show
the Longhorns some new wrinkles to do it. Nebraska is playing with confidence and will
need to execute perfectly to beat Texas, who open as an 8 point favorite in Lincoln.

Series history: Nebraska is 4-6 against Texas
Last game: 2003 - Texas won 31-7 in Austin
UT's record in 2005: 13-0 (National Champions)

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The Huskers wrapped up this win in a pretty little package, put a bow on it, and handed
it to Texas on a silver platter. Turnovers, stupid penalties, poor special teams play,
bad clock management, sacks, dropped passes, etc. all contributed to a perfect storm as
Nebraska almost won this game despite themselves. Note to Huskers: If you call for a fair
catch it is okay to actually catch the ball! On a positive note, the Huskers never quit.
They proved that they can play with anyone. We'll see the 'Horns again in Kansas City.

A few more comments and observations:
* A moral victory? No. But Nebraska took a top 5 team to the wire and should have won.
* Lay off the coaches. The game plan was there, the execution was not.
* Miss Manners says UT should start writing thank you notes for this gift.
* This was a great game that any college football fan has to love. Except for the final score.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 35 Oklahoma State 14
Actual score: Nebraska 29 Oklahoma State 41

Oct 28 in Stillwater 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 10 13 0 6 29
Oklahoma State 0 20 0 21 41

Wally's fearless prediction:
Nebraska heads to Stillwater as both teams try to bounce back from heartbreaking last-second
losses the previous week. The OSU offense that has been a juggernaut against the likes of Missouri St.,
Arkansas St. and Florida Atlantic is about to meet the Blackshirts. Look for Zac and his four horsemen
to pound the ball early and often against a Cowboy defense that is greener than an Okie beauty queen's teeth.

Series history: Nebraska leads 36-3-1
Last game: 2003 - Nebraska won 17-7 in Lincoln
OSU's record in 2005: 4-7

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Maybe there is something to this global warming stuff because we just witnessed a complete
meltdown by the Cornhuskers. This was easily the worst performance by Nebraska since the
Texas Tech debacle in 2004. The Huskers dominated early and took a commanding 16-0 lead
before falling down and crawling into the fetal position. Oklahoma State isn't that good folks,
but give them credit for making adjustments at halftime that Nebraska couldn't seem to make.

A few more comments and observations:
* Brandon Jackson's 182 yards rushing was the lone offensive bright spot today
* Zac Taylor only needs 318 yards to break the career passing record at Nebraska
* Adam Carriker earned his Blackshirt today. The rest of the defense did not
* Help wanted: Offensive linemen please apply
* Callahan will make coaching changes after the season

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 31 Missouri 28
Actual score: Nebraska 34 Missouri 20

Nov 4 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Missouri 0 6 7 7 20
Nebraska 10 17 0 7 34

Wally's fearless prediction:
The Huskers need to put the ugly OSU loss behind them as Mizzou comes to town for a
winner-take-all game in the Big 12 North. Missouri is a decent team but they have a difficult
time running the ball and defending the run. If NU sticks to their game plan they will win.

Series history: Nebraska is 57-31-3 against Missouri
Last game: 2005 - Missouri won 41-24 in Columbia
Missouri's record in 2005: 7-5

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Well, Nebraska tried to give this game away but there were no takers. The only thing
more disgusting than Nebraska's offense in the third quarter was watching Chase Daniel
eat his boogers on the sideline. Actually, this game was not as close as the scoreboard
indicates. The Huskers just need to find that killer instinct to put the other team away.

A few more comments and observations:
* Another great game for Bjax! He has separated himself from the pack
* Someone needs to remind the Huskers that the game lasts four quarters
* Mo Purify is one heck of a quarterback! QB controversy, anyone?
* We sure missed McKeon and Octavian today
* Nebraska is back in the polls!
* Taylor only needs 110 yards to break Dave Humm's career passing record

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 24 Texas A&M 17
Actual score: Nebraska 28 Texas A&M 27

Nov 11 in College Station 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 7 14 0 7 28
Texas A&M 7 3 3 14 27

Wally's fearless prediction:
Expect to see a low scoring finish as both teams will try to establish the running game and control the clock.
The difference here is that Nebraska is better at it than Aggie is. The key for NU's offense will be protecting
Zac Taylor and allowing him to throw downfield, which is not something the Aggies have had much success
with this season. A&M is coming off a tough loss and needs to be careful to avoid a big letdown, but NU is a
better team than both OU and A&M and will win again if they commit to running and avoiding mental breakdowns.

Series history: Nebraska leads 9-2
Last game: 2003 - NU won 38-10 in Lincoln
A&M's record in 2005: 5-6

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The first half Huskers need to give the second half Huskers a swift kick in the keester. The Jekyl/Hyde
stuff is so frustrating but it sure makes for an exciting finish. The Blackshirts did a great job of
shutting down the Aggie running game but they gave up too many big plays in the second half to let
A&M hang around. But Nebraska answered when it counted and special teams and Zac Taylor saved the day.
The Aggie 12th Man wanted to kiss his date but she went home with a Husker instead!

A few more comments and observations:
* Nebraska is the Big 12 North champion! It has been way too long
* We're going to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come! Will Texas be there?
* Zac has broken every NU passing record but they won't last with this offense
* Cody Glenn said it all: "Big play Mo! Big play Mo!"

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 42 Colorado 17
Actual score: Nebraska 37 Colorado 14

Nov 24 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Colorado 7 0 0 0 14
Nebraska 7 7 7 16 37

Wally's fearless prediction:
Strange things happen when NU meets CU even when Colorado is a pathetic 2-9 on the season.
This is their bowl game and the Buffies would like nothing more than to play the spoilers since
they don't have anything else but Husker Football to obsess over and envy. The Huskers could look
past this pitiful excuse of a football team from Boulder to the Big 12 Championship game in KC,
but that won't happen. Nebraska will roll and inflict as much pain as possible on the lowly Buffs.
Maybe CU will engrave 2-10 on their rings. Oh, wait. They don't give out rings to the worst team.

Series history: Nebraska is 45-17-2 against Colorado
Last game: 2005 - Nebraska won 30-3 in Boulder
Colorado's record in 2005: 7-6

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Montana to Rice. Manning to Harrison. Ganz to Turner?? Callahan brought out his bag
of tricks today and the Cornhuskers finally ended their third quarter scoring drought.
The game was close in the first half but the win was never in doubt. How's 2-10 taste, Bluffies?

A few more comments and observations:
* Colorado Buff "fans" have been awfully quiet lately. I miss the hate mail
* Sooners or Horns? Which team will back into the game in Kansas City?
* 9-3 is looking pretty good right about now
* You're in the Big 12 now, Coach Hawkins. Lose the $6 haircut

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Big 12

Wally's prediction: Nebraska 28 Oklahoma 24
Actual score: Nebraska 7 Oklahoma 21

Dec 2 in Kansas City 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 0 7 0 0 7
Oklahoma 14 0 7 0 21

Wally's fearless prediction:
Oklahoma backed their way into the conference championship game to renew an old rivalry with Nebraska.
There are many story lines for this game, such as which color of Escalade will Adrian Peterson drive
to the stadium? All kidding aside, he will drive the red one. With or without 'AD', Oklahoma will
present a big test for the Blackshirts but Adam Carriker and the boys will derail the Sooner Schooner!

Series history: Nebraska is 37-42-3 against Oklahoma
Last game: Oklahoma won 31-24 in 2005
Oklahoma's record in 2005: 8-4

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
You simply cannot spot a team like Oklahoma fourteen points and expect to win a Big 12
Championship. The Sooners capitalized on mistakes and Nebraska made way too many
of them. The Blackshirts were outstanding in shutting down Oklahomaís running game
but they made OUís Paul Thompson look like Peyton Manning on the 99 yard drive in the third
quarter that broke the game wide open. Five turnovers spell a loss almost every time.

A few more comments and observations:
* Tough night for Zac Taylor, but NU wouldn't even be here without him
* NU desperately needs to upgrade the cornerback position
* Give the OU defense credit, but NU's offense was as limp as Liberace in a whorehouse
* Sadly, this game was over in the first two minutes.

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Cotton Bowl

Wally's prediction: Nebraska 21 Auburn 17
Actual score: Nebraska 14 Auburn 17

Jan 1 in Dallas 1 2 3 4 F
Auburn 7 7 3 0 17
Nebraska 7 7 0 0 14

Wally's fearless prediction:
The Huskers face a very good Auburn team in what looks to be an exciting matchup. A win would
be a huge momentum builder heading into the spring, just as the Alamo Bowl victory was last season.
But it will take a much better effort to beat the Tigers than what Nebraska showed in Kansas City.
These two teams are very similar on both offense and defense and execution will determine the winner.

Series history: Nebraska is 3-0 against Auburn
Last game: Nebraska won 41-7 in 1982
Auburn's record in 2005: 9-3

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
That cutesy fake punt play was totally unnecessary and turned the momentum around when the
Blackshirts were dominating Auburnís offense. They held the Aubbies to a whopping 46
yards in the first half, most of them on the last series as the Tigers tried to run out
the clock. The Huskers gave away 14 points with turnovers in the first half in what should
have been a shutout. I hope Nebraska receives a tax deduction for this gift because they
were sure generous in giving away a game that they could and should have won.

A few more comments and observations:
* Nebraska was flat outcoached in the second half
* Stop trying to outthink the opponent and just play football, Bill!
* NU has proven they can play with any team. The next step is to actually beat them
* The seniors on this team deserved better than this final game
* Give Auburn credit for making adjustments while NU didn't
* It may not show in the record but Nebraska was much improved this season
* The Blackshirts played another inspired game but the offense couldn't execute

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