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The 2005 Nebraska Cornhuskers finished 8-4! GO BIG RED!

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The 2005 Cornhuskers
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Date Opponent Result
09/03MaineW 25-7
09/10Wake ForestW 31-3
09/17 PittsburghW 7-6
10/01Iowa StateW 27-20
10/08Texas TechL 31-34
10/15@BaylorW 23-14
10/22@Missouri L 24-41
10/29OklahomaL 31-24
11/05@KansasL 15-40
11/12Kansas StateW 27-25
11/25@ColoradoW 30-3
12/28Michigan in Alamo BowlW 32-28

2005 Preseason Predictions

There is something different about this team. There is a new vibe that is difficult to put a
finger on. The guys from last year are humbled and focused. The new guys are talented and hungry.
All reports point to more team cohesiveness and a much better grasp of the system and the coaches.
I will go on record as predicting no worse than an 8-3 record for the 2005 season.

Sept. 3 Maine
WIN. This game is a glorified scrimmage and a payday. Nothing more.

Sept. 10 Wake Forest
WIN. A school with a recognizable name from a good conference. But not a good football team.

Sept. 17 Pittsburgh
TOSSUP. Circle this date on the calendar. Pitt has a good team and would have beaten
NU last season had the game been played later in the year. A big test for 2005 Nebraska.

Oct. 1 Iowa State
WIN. Last year's game was a fluke. The Clones will not win in Lincoln. Bet the farm.

Oct. 8 Texas Tech
TOSSUP. This game promises to be a barnburner in Lincoln. Don't look for NU to serve up
interceptions or to quit like last year. This could be the most exciting game of the season.

Oct. 15 at Baylor
WIN. It's Baylor. 'Nuff said.

Oct. 22 at Missouri
WIN. Mizzou seems incapable of sustaining any sort of momentum in their program. This
may be the last hoorah for Gary Pinkel. A difficult road test for NU but they will prevail.

Oct. 29 Oklahoma
PROBABLE LOSS. Nebraska is quickly closing the gap but it is too much, too soon
to expect a win here over OU - even in the comfortable confines of Memorial Stadium.

Nov. 5 at Kansas
PROBABLE WIN. This game is not a gimme. Mangino has the Kansas program on the rise.

Nov. 12 Kansas State
WIN. Nebraska is overdue for a win over the upstarts from Manhattan. Bill Snyder will
have his team primed and ready for this game but it will not be enough to win in Lincoln.

Nov. 25 at Colorado
TOSSUP. The Buffs just seem to play at their very best against Nebraska regardless of
the state of their program. This could be the game that defines the Huskers' season.

Black Bears
Wally's prediction: Nebraska 48 Maine 17
Actual score: Nebraska 25 Maine 7

Sept 3rd in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Maine 0 0 0 7 7
Nebraska 0 9 6 10 25

Wally's fearless prediction:
The Huskers open a much anticipated season against the Maine Lobsters Black Bears.
Who knew that Maine had a football team? WTF?
It will be exciting to see the 2005 Cornhuskers in action but this game amounts to
nothing more than a tune-up and a payday. The Zac Attack will not disappoint.

Series history: Nebraska has never played Maine
Maine's record in 2004: 5-6

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Arrggh. I just got back from a relaxing weekend in the woods and what do I return to?
The tumult and turmoil that has become Nebraska Cornhusker fandom in the 21st century.

Fumble. Fumble. Interception. Punt. That pretty much sums up the lackluster opener for Nebraska.
The potential is definitely there, but that is all we've seen so far. Potential.
A win is a win and I'll take that compared to the 0-1 record that the Sooners are sporting.
This Cornhusker football season is going to be a rollercoaster ride so hold on for dear life!

A few more comments and observations:
* What the heck happened to NU's running game? Marlon Lucky should be starting at RB,
and this comes from Cory Ross's biggest fan.
* This offensive line is offensive. A good team will eat them for lunch and still have room for snacks.
* The jury is still out on the gameday coaching. This area is very suspect.
* Losing Steve Octavien for the season makes me want to cry like a little baby.
* Barry Turner is an absolute beast.
* The DL is much improved but the DBs will get picked apart all season if they do not
get it together. (Picture a constant running loop of last year's Texas Tech game.)
* I wish Nebraska fans in the stadium were louder.
* Nebraska will win the North but will get their helmets handed to them by Texas in the Big XII CCG.
* Whatever happens, I will be watching and loving every second of it.

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Demon Deacons
Wally's prediction: Nebraska 23 Wake Forest 14
Actual score: Nebraska 31 Wake Forest 03

Sept 10 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Wake Forest 0 0 3 0 3
Nebraska 14 0 10 7 31

Wally's fearless prediction:
The Demon Deacons are looking to put a bad loss to Vanderbilt behind them but Lincoln is
probably not the best place to try and do that. Zac Taylor will light up his former team
and send them back to North Carolina 0-2.

Series history: Nebraska leads 1-0
Last game: Nebraska won 36-12 in 1970
Wake Forest's record in 2004: 4-7

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Thank goodness for the Blackshirts because this offense is sick. The Blackshirts look
good but the offensive line is not giving the west coast offense an opportunity to shine.
There were too many dropped passes again this week and more pathetic O-line play.
Is anyone else concerned that the Blackshirts are outscoring the Nebraska offense?

A few more comments and observations:
* 10 penalties is way too many. Too many stupid mistakes.
* 234 yards of total offense is just not going to get the job done.
* I doubt we can count on 3 defensive TDs very often. The last time was 1962.
* 120 yards on the ground must have The Bobfather spinning in his grave.
* The punt return game was an absolute disaster. Five punts for one yard. Yikes!
* The Wake fans are raving about the hospitality they received in Lincoln. No surprise!

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 35 Pittsburgh 10
Actual score: Nebraska 7 Pittsburgh 6

Sept 17 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Pittsburgh 0 6 0 0 6
Nebraska 7 0 0 0 7

Wally's fearless prediction:
Frank Solich's team beat Pittsburgh and now it's Nebraska's turn. The Blackshirt
linebackers are going to have a field day with Panther QB Tyler Palko. This Pitt team
is in disarray after an 0-2 start, and has been really depleted by injuries. This should be
an easy win for the Cornhuskers. Let's just hope they find an answer to their woes on offense.

Series history: Nebraska is 5-15-3 against Pittsburgh
Last game: Nebraska won 24-17 in 2004
Pittsburgh's record in 2004: 8-4 (Big East Champions)

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
7-6. It's a good thing this game didn't go into extra innings or we would have had
to take our shoes and socks off to tally the score. The Huskers wasted way too many
opportunities as the game sunk into a limp-wristed slapping match. I am not one to
second guess the coaches but I am going on record in questioning the play calling today.

A few more comments and observations:
* Sam Koch is the real deal and does not get the attention he deserves.
* Do not throw a 5-yard pass on 3rd and 15.
* This Husker season is going to be like a rollercoaster ride -
It will be thrilling and fun but it may make us want to puke.
* If I hear Brent Musburger refer to Cory Ross as "little fella" one more time
I will hunt him down and make him listen to Jim Rose's play by play.
* Winning ugly is better than losing ugly.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 17 Iowa State 10
Actual score: Nebraska 27 Iowa State 20

Oct 1 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 OT1 OT2 F
Iowa State 0 3 10 0 7 0 20
Nebraska 3 0 10 0 7 7 27

Wally's fearless prediction:
The key to this game for NU will be limiting penalties, which absolutely killed any offensive
momentum in the Pittsburgh game. Iowa State is a good team that will challenge for the
North title and you can be sure this date was circled on their calendar. Nebraska needs
the Blackshirts to carry them again this week until Callahan can get the offense rolling.

Series history: Nebraska is 81-16-2 against Iowa State
Last game: Nebraska lost 27-34 in 2004
Last ISU victory: 2004 NU 27 ISU 34
Iowa State's record in 2004: 7-5

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
I am typing this from my hospital room after suffering a second heart attack. The first
one occurred at halftime. Nebraska wasted too many golden opportunities and let ISU
hang around far too long. Zac Taylor had a brilliant day but dropped passes and crucial
penalties stalled the offense yet again. We saw the potential of the West Coast offense today
and one can only wonder what could be if Matt Herian was a part of it. The redzone
production was pathetic and it is so easy to question the playcalling. So, I will take
the easy route and question the playcalling. Why not put in Glenn and run it up the gut?

A few more comments and observations:
* Zac Taylor finally had his coming out party!
* Cory Ross is one tough cookie
* Barney Cotton is a class act. Always was, still is
* It's a good thing they have overtime in college football :)
* The West Coast Offense can and will work in the Heartland
* Terry Bowden makes me long for the days of Keith Jackson
* NU needs to shore up the secondary before Texas Tech comes a calling

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Red Raiders
Wally's prediction: Nebraska 28 Texas Tech 27
Actual score: Nebraska 31 Texas Tech 34

Oct 8 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Texas Tech 7 14 6 7 34
Nebraska 0 14 7 10 31

Wally's fearless prediction:
Kansas held the mighty Red Raiders to 30 points in Lubbock. Texas Tech will seriously
challenge the Cornhuskers in Lincoln but I really doubt they are the juggernaut that their
fans and the media have made them out to be. The Blackshirts have a much better
defense than the Kansas Jayhawks do so this game should be very interesting.

Series history: Nebraska is 7-1 against Texas Tech
Last game: Nebraska lost 10-70 in 2004
Last Tech victory: 2004 NU 10 Tech 70
Texas Tech's record in 2004: 8-4

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
What a heartbreaker! The two turnovers in the second half sealed Nebraska's fate.
But, there are many positives to take away from this game. The team never folded
in the face of adversity and they battled to the very end. They simply ran out of time.
Texas Tech graciously accepted what the Huskers were serving up on a silver platter and
they capitalized on it. This was a winnable game but there is no second guessing here.

A few more comments and observations:
* I do not believe in moral victories. But if I did, this game would be one.
* Texas Tech will only lose one game this season - to Texas.
* NU could have won this game. Can't say that about many of the losses last season.
* This team is really showing improvement, especially the offensive line.
* It was really great to see production in the red zone. NU was 5 of 5.
* Did the NCAA legalize holding and forget to notify us? The refs rarely call it.
* NU picked up 3 new commits Saturday: CB Andre Jones and LB Steve Allen. Link

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Baylor Bears
Wally's prediction: Nebraska 31 Baylor Bears 16
Actual score: Nebraska 23 Baylor Bears 14

October 15 in Waco 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 3 10 7 3 23
Baylor 7 0 7 0 14

Wally's fearless prediction:
Baylor is 4-1 on the season and is coming off a huge win over Iowa State in Ames.
Believe it or not, this was Baylor's first Big 12 road victory ever. This is not a team
that Nebraska can afford to overlook. The Bears have been very opportunistic in their
victories so far and Nebraska cannot turn the ball over again or they will lose this
game. The Cornhuskers have to limit the penalties and take care of the football in their
first roadtrip of the season. If they can do that it will be another victory for Nebraska.

Series history: Nebraska leads 8-1
Last game: Nebraska won in Lincoln 59-27 in 2004
Last Baylor victory: 1956, Baylor 26 Nebraska 7
Baylor's record in 2004: 3-8

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The Huskers finally threw that road monkey off their back! This was a great win for
Nebraska; one that may finally grab the attention of the national media as they
continue voting the likes of a 4-3 Michigan team into their top 25. Nebraska isn't
looking for their respect. They are content to earn it one game at a time. They did it today.

A few more comments and observations:
* It is time for Dick Cavett to find a real job.
* College officials aren't paid very much. Now we know why.
* Zac was quite the scrambler today! He looked like Eric Crouch out there. Okay, maybe not.
* Nebraska's remaining five games are all very winnable. And loseable.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 35 Missouri 10
Actual score: Nebraska 24 Missouri 41

October 22 in Columbia 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 10 14 0 0 24
Missouri 21 3 7 10 41

Wally's fearless prediction:
Nebraska is going to win another game on the road this weekend. Bet the farm on this.
If you do not have a farm, go out and buy one. And then bet it. Nebraska is not getting any
love in the polls but these are the same pollsters that had a 2-4 Purdue team ranked in the top 15.
I rest my case.

Series history: Nebraska is 62-33-3 against Missouri
Last game: 2004, Nebraska won 24-3
Last Missouri victory: 2003, 24-41 in Columbia
Missouri's record in 2004: 5-6

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
The Tiger offense put the Blackshirts on their heels from the begining and they failed to adjust.
Turnovers will kill any team but that fumble on the Missouri five-yard line was just suicide. It
resulted in a 14 point swing that the Huskers could not overcome. You simply cannot turn
the ball over on the road and expect to win. Give Missouri coach Gary Pinkel and QB Brad
Smith credit for a great game but the Cornhuskers have to know they let one get away today.

To say this game was officiated rather loosely is putting things mildly. This is not just a
case of sour grapes because bad calls were made against both teams. Even if this is sour
grapes it is my website and I can say whatever I want. So there.

A few more comments and observations:
* There is a reason I don't gamble. Just look at my prediction. Doh!
* Can I please have my farm back? Pretty please?
* A Nebraska opponent was actually flagged for holding! I am still in shock.
* Zac Taylor took a beating from the blindside today. He deserves more help from the O-line.
* Bill Callahan looks eerily calm on the sideline, in a good way.
* I mistook Bo Ruud for a NU receiver when he dropped the pass that hit him in his hands.
* So, when do fans start calling for Cosgrove's head again? Nevermind. Question answered.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 28 Oklahoma Sooners 24
Actual score: Nebraska 24 Oklahoma Sooners 31

Oct 22 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Oklahoma 7 14 3 7 31
Nebraska 0 3 7 14 24

Wally's fearless prediction:
After a baffling loss at Mizzou, NU must win every remaining game to clinch the North title.
We already know that Nebraska is in rebuilding mode and Oklahoma is having a down season
by their recent standards. Both teams enter this matchup unranked for the first time
since 1961. But I wouldn't bet against either team being able to get up for this game.
Let's hope Nebraska can rediscover a running game while limiting turnovers and penalties.

Series history: Nebraska trails 37-41-3
Last game: NU lost 33-3 in Norman in 2004
Last Oklahoma victory: 2004
Oklahoma's record in 2004: 12-1

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Turnovers and penalties (especially the ones that were not called) doomed the Cornhuskers yet again.
NU dug themselves into a hole that they could not get out of and they lost another very winnable game.
Nebraska still had a chance to win despite a grand total of 14 rushing yards over the past TWO games.

A few more comments and observations:
* A sign seen at the stadium: Help wanted - Offensive linemen.
* Nine sacks? Are you kidding me? Zac Taylor deserves combat pay.
* Offensive holding is now legal in case you didn't get that memo from the NCAA.
* NU rushed for a measley 87 yards and gave 57 of them back in sacks. YIKES!
* Positives to take away from this game: Nebraska has a better FG kicker than OU ... that's all I've got.
* Cliches become cliches for a reason. If you turn the ball over and commit stupid penalties, you will lose.
* Sailors are blushing at my response to the no-call on OU's final touchdown.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 17 Kansas 14
Actual score: Nebraska 15 Kansas 40

November 5 in Lawrence 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 2 7 6 0 15
Kansas 14 3 7 16 40

Wally's fearless prediction:
Another winning streak is at stake as Nebraska travels to play the Kansas Jayhawks, who
are fresh off a big win over their archrival Mizzou. The Jayhawks have a very good
defense and this is their best chance to beat Nebraska in a long time (and for a long
time to come in the future). But they have to be able to score to do it. This promises
to be a low scoring affair and my first inclination is Nebraska 3, Kansas 0 in five
overtimes. But I'll go with 17-14 with most of those points scored by the respective defenses.

Series history: Nebraska leads 84-16-3
Last game: 2004, NU won in Lincoln 14-8
Last KU victory: 1968, KU won 23-13
KU's record in 2004: 4-7

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
36 years of football down the drain. That loud thud you hear is Nebraska 'fans' jumping off the bandwagon.
This loss at Kansas makes the KSU game ever more critical to seal a winning record and a trip to Shreveport.

A few more comments and observations:
* Boy we sure miss Steve Octavien and Stew Bradley.
* So much for fast starts on offense.
* 18 more safeties and the Huskers would have been right in this game.
* 10 punts and 21 rushing yards. YIKES!

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 24 Kansas State 17
Actual score: Nebraska 27 Kansas State 25

November 12 in Lincoln 1 2 3 4 F
Kansas State 6 6 10 3 25
Nebraska 7 10 7 3 27

Wally's fearless prediction:
The offensive line simply has to step it up this week to keep Taylor from getting murdered.
Starting two true freshmen at the tackles doesn't exactly instill a lot of confidence about NU's line.
KSU is not a very good football team but neither is Nebraska right now. Injuries have really taken
their toll but this is a must win for Callahan and his Cornhuskers. They need to set the tone early and
establish some kind of offensive production. Time to clinch a bowl game and send the seniors out right.

Series history: Nebraska is 71-15-3 against KSU
Last game: 2003, KSU won 45-21
Last Kansas State victory: 2003, 45-21 in Manhattan
Kansas State's record in 2004: 4-7

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
We got a glimpse of the future with all the freshmen on the field today. Jordan Congdon
had the weight of Husker Nation on his shoulders as he calmly sealed the victory for Nebraska.
Harrison Beck was a bit shaky in his baptism by fire but he will do just fine in his career at NU.
This was a huge win for NU and ensures them of a bowl game and 3 more weeks of much needed practice.

A few more comments and observations:
* Playing Beck and burning the redshirt was the right thing to do.
* With the pounding Taylor has taken this season it was inevitable that he'd get hurt.
* Barry Turner and Zack Potter are absolute beasts!
* Freshman kicker Jordon Congdon is one cool cucumber.
* Looks like NU will land in Houston or Orlando.

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Wally's prediction: Nebraska 31 Colorado 28
Actual score: Nebraska 30 Colorado 3

November 28th in Boulder 1 2 3 4 F
Nebraska 3 17 7 3 30
Colorado 3 0 0 0 3

Wally's fearless prediction:
If I had a farm I would NOT bet it on this game. I will predict a Cornhusker win only
because I am a homer and I ALWAYS predict a Husker victory. Colorado lost a tough one in
Ames under very unusual circumstances and they have much more to gain here than the
Huskers do. CU players will be pissed off and I am not sure this Nebraska team has the
moxie to march into Boulder and win. I hope I am wrong, but it happens all the time!

Series history: Nebraska is 43-17-2 against Colorado
Last game: 2004, CU won 26-20
Last Colorado victory: 2004 in Lincoln
Colorado's record in 2004: 8-5

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
We have seen glimpses of it all season but this is the first time that Nebraska has put together
four quarters of solid football. This kind of performance was long overdue. The excuses of
youth and injuries only go so far in soothing the egos of Big Red Nation. This game should go a
long way in shutting up the Bill Callahan and Steve Pederson haters. Nah, who am I kidding.
This team showed much more today than even I was willing to give them credit for. This was a HUGE win.

A few more comments and observations:
* It was nice of Gary Barnett’s mom to volunteer to run the official time clock.
* Was anyone shocked when Colorado fans started throwing trash and bottles on the field?
* Big 12 officials picked a fine time to start calling holding on that Nebraska touchdown play.
* Finally. I recorded a Nebraska game this season that I will actually watch again.
* Overheard at Callahan’s Thanksgiving dinner table: “... and most of all Lord, I am thankful for Zac Taylor.”
* Colorado fans are a national disgrace and an embarrassment to drunken frat boys everywhere.
* Cyclone Nation was in the Huskers’ corner today. Now they can earn an invitation to a butt-kicking
in Houston with a win over Kansas.
* A unit of the Army national guard had to be called back from Iraq to control the Colorado crowd.
* The two teams battling for the Big 12 North title both got beat by Nebraska. Hmmmm.

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Skunk Bears

Skunk Bears

Wally's prediction: Nebraska 32 Michigan 28
Actual score: Nebraska 32 Michigan 28

December 28th in San Antonio 1 2 3 4 F
Michigan 7 7 7 7 28
Nebraska 7 7 3 15 32

Wally's fearless prediction:
This is exactly the matchup I was hoping for - Nebraska vs. Michigan, two of the
winningest programs in college football history. Both teams are 7-4 but they
couldn't have taken more different paths to get there. The Huskers are thrilled
to be at the Alamo while the Skunk Bears are pouting that they are not bowling in
Florida. The Huskers are big underdogs on paper but the games are played on turf.
Nebraska wins three in a row and heads into the spring on a roll and in the polls.

Series history: Nebraska is 1-3-1 against Michigan
Last game: 1986, Michigan won 27-23
Last Michigan victory: 1986 in the Fiesta Bowl
Michigan's record in 2004: 9-3

Wally's view from the cheap seats:
Man, woman and child. What a game. 32-28 had a nice ring to it, no? Nebraska overcame first
half mistakes and admittedly poor officiating on both sides to beat the evil Skunk bears,
the preseason #4 team in the nation. Maybe now Michigan will stop claiming National
Championships from medieval times. Nah, chances are not good on that. Heck, Lloyd Carr
is whining about 2005 while their fans are still puffing their chests over the 1902 season.
This was a great win for Nebraska in a game that nobody expected them to win except for
the people that actually pay attention to these things. Congratulations to Coach Bill
Callahan on a huge win and a great momentum booster towards the 2006 Cornhuskers' season.

A few more comments and observations:
* This was one of my favorite Cornhusker football seasons ever!
* The hit where Brandenburgh glued Chad Henne to the carpet brought a tear to my eye.
* Lloyd Carr now favors a playoff, unless he can duck the Huskers for the Rose Bowl.
* Oh boy, will I be talking to my buddies who are Michigan fans!
* OL help is on the way, Zac. May the medics heal your wounds before Spring.
* I'm glad the Huskers could help Michigan to their worst season since 1984.

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